Saturday, February 5, 2011

The End Is Near

Our church recently completed a series that included teachings about the end times.  It was amazing and thought provoking.  Out of the teachings and my personal readings I've learned a lot.  God has really been poking my heart and teaching me that as Christians we should live like what the guy in the picture thinks.  We should "live expectantly because Christ is coming.  Our possessions, status, and power will mean nothing in God's kingdom."  Instead of investing all our money and possessions in getting the newer, better, thinner phone or T.V., we should invest our time and talents where they will make an eternal difference.  We need to invest our time and possessions in people. 

This idea has been big in my head over the past several weeks.  I'm reading the book Radical by David Platt and just finished reading 1 Peter.  The real idea that God is coming back and we are wasting our time with stuff that we can't take to Heaven has been a big idea that I've been wrestling with and wanted to share with you. 

This seems like a simple concept, but as I fund-raise and talk with people, it's becoming more and more apparent that this mindset is often absent in the majority of the American population and, sadly, the Christian American population too.  In today's society, we are taught that you aren't successful without being a home owner, without having a newer car, without having the newest and best technology. 

David Platt put it this way, "Today more than a billion people in the world live and die in desperate poverty.  They attempt to survive on less than $1 a day.  Close to two billion others live on less than $2 a day.  That's nearly half the world struggling today to find food, water, shelter with the same amount of money I spend on french fries for lunch."

Are these people failures?  Does God not love them?  Does God not want them to hear of his wonderful gift of salvation?  I would argue no.  God has given us Americans a tremendous responsibility.  With the wealth and possessions God has given us, we have a duty to use EVERYTHING at our disposal to further the Kingdom of God and share the love God has shown us to others around the world. 

Pray for Briyana and I as we continue to ask God how we can be more focused on His coming return and how we can best use the time and possessions He's given us to further the Kingdom of God.

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  1. I like this post, but that picture is priceless! Too funny Brent! :)